No Credit Checks

& Hassle-Free Benefits

No Credit and Credit Checks Needed

You’re pre-approved! All you need is a place to live, a job and few references before you get started with the right payment option that fits your needs.

We offer no-money-down flexible payment options that put the power of buying in your hands. We have plans that fit every budget with the freedom to decide how soon you own your merchandise. This is a completely no-risk option that lets you furnish your home with no worries.

No Hassles or Worries

At Universal Rent To Own, our rent-to-own transactions have the kind of flexibility you probably won’t see anywhere else. For some, it’s also a chance to “try before you buy”.

Strapped for cash and just can’t make payments right now? No problem. With our “no hassle” return policy, you can bring back the merchandise at any time and stop making payments with NO penalties. Even better, you can come back anytime and pick-up where you left off making payments on the same or a similar product. You never have to feel like you’re back to square one again.

Service and Repairs

Relax, will you? Service is included with you agreement! You can rest easy knowing that if your merchandise breaks or stops working, we’ll pick it up, fix it and deliver it back to you at no additional cost. The best part is we’ll even give you a loaner until the repairs are done.

Delivery and Set-up

Enjoy it tonight with same day delivery. Most stores would charge a premium for delivery and set-up, but at Universal Rent To Own we have our professionals deliver, install and demonstrate how to use your merchandise at no additional cost.